bofor marine

excels in safety and trust

for yachts and commercial vessels

by providing durable, elegantly designed

furthermore purpose engineered custom-made 

watertight, weathertight marine door, and hatch


Safety on Board

We offer watertight, weathertight, A60 fire rated, flush and coamed hatches in all sizes. Moreover, a number of cast hatch designs are available. Type approval is provided up to xxx on demand.

Bofor Marine provides a variety of custom size watertight, weathertight, sliding, A60 fire rated, pantograph, commercial, armed and many door models to chose from.

Company’s standard range of marine products are classic, flush, sliding and ultra-slim hatches as well as bolton, Area-1 and clamping portholes.

Custom Designs


The company serves it’s customers the best with years of R&D experience on custom door and hatch solution designs.

Soundown Distributor

Bofor marine is the official distributor of Soundown Solutions in Turkey

Soundown offers a wide variety of engineering sound proofing solutions for marine vessels. 

  • Vinyl Foarm Composites
  • Carpet Underlayment
  • Carpet Underlayment
  • Hullboards
  • QuietCore
  • Isolation Systems
  • Interior Systems
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Machine Space Insualtion

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