Bolton Portholes

Bofor Classic porthole

BOFOR BASIC PORTHOLE is a simple conventional design for quick and safe mounting. This range is mostly suitable for wooden boats with thicker hull depths.

ABS frame from the inside of the boat through the cut out, and trimming in depth the extended excess from the outer surface. The main frame is than fixed from the outside sitting through the abs frame. The wide flange and outside fiwing holes on the port hole compensates for rougher surfaces and less careful workmanship.

Clamping Portholes

Bofor Clamping porthole

Area-1 Portholes

Bofor Area-1 porthole

  • – Rectangular, oval, elliptic and round sizes to choose from SS316 opening frame secures the 10 mm thick lens
  • – Adjustable SS316 friction hinges and locking handles 
  • – Highly anodized aluminum main body clamping frame 
  • – Hull thickness 4 – 20 mm, no need for plastic inner frames 
  • – Lens clear of obstructions inside and out for 100 % clear view 
  • – Easy to install with sealant or closed cell tapes Neoprene sealing gasket 
  • – Opening and fixed models